Salesforce Systems Admin Self-Paced Training

Over the last five years, has become very complex to successfully implement and manage.

However, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System is still very easy to just turn on with their standard configuration and start working. It's quick, not too painful and many companies just do that.

Unfortunately, the standard process, forms and reports very often don't match what the company sales team really needs to be productive... and over time, sales people stop using parts of the system, the customer database gets very dirty with lots of duplicates and bad customer data, and sales managers go back to using spreadsheets to prepare their forecasts, usually over the weekends.

Most companies need some help improving their system.

Salesforce CRM Self-Paced Training Classes

One of the ways to help improve sales productivity and keep your costs low is to better train one or more of your people on System Administration.

The following low-priced self-paced online video classes can help train a person that is assigned to be the part-time system administrator or power users for your system. Online classes range in price from $29 - $349 per user. This is a one-time price for life - classes can be taken repeatedly at no additional charge.

We also included below a link to a training class for new sales staff or non-technically oriented sales team members to help them improve their Skills.

Salesforce Step-by-Step System Administrator Training Data Migration With Ease

Salesforce New User Training and Sales CRM Basics New User Training Program - Self Paced Video 

Salesforce for NonProfits & NGOs

An Executive, IT Professional, Manager, Sales Professional or an Office Manager can all use the training to better help the sales team use the CRM System to make more, larger sales in less time.