Projects is now the leading Customer Relationship (CRM) system available.  There are now hundreds of other CRM options, but most large enterprises and venture funded startups default to buying or converting to Salesforce.  

Unfortunately, has become very complex over the last ten years. In addition, many companies had to rush the installation, made implementation mistakes or have grown rapidly from the initial implementation resulting in reduced sales productivity. That's where we come in to help.  

Typically, we are brought in as Tech Advisors, Trainers or Coaches to help your people improve sales productivity. 

Where We Can Make a Difference

  • Evaluate Salesforce vs other CRMs for your business

  • Implementation advice and guidance

  • Coach new managers that have never implemented CRMs

  • Independent review of your CRM use

  • Join a project management team, task force or steering committee as an independent voice

  • Implementation advice as it happens

  • Help find reliable Salesforce resources

  • Reduce your cost of Salesforce support

  • Review existing implementations

  • Identify sales productivity weaknesses

  • Dramatically improve Salesforce utilization

  • Getting the best price from Salesforce before you commit

  • Executive involvement in projects


  • Increase revenue per rep

  • Increase sales productivity

  • Improve sales reporting

  • Increase best practices

  • Speed up the implementation time

  • Lower the cost of Salesforce (per seat, implementation & support)

  • Lower the cost of sales

  • Reduce costly mistakes

  • Reduce your Salesforce support costs

  • Reduce purchasing extra seats that aren't used

  • Reduce bad performance reviews from poor implementation

Why Us?

Over the years we've implemented over a dozen different CRM systems, including We've learned that many of them kinda suck and all of them have different types of limitations. So our general philosophy is to acknowledge the limits, problems and issues... and just focus on what works, create the best workflows and processes, and keep focused on selling each month.


Improve your productivity and increase sales using 

"Barry worked closely with me and my team to determine that Salesforce needed to be modified to better match our sales process and the way we sell. He brought in a highly-specialized Salesforce Systems Administrator who did a fantastic job changing our CRM to match what we needed and provided excellent training to allow us to improve our productivity and increase sales over the next year"

- Nancy Ridge, VP Sales, Telecom Brokers