We brought Ross & Ross International in to take a look at how we were using our Salesforce CRM system and make recommendations on how we could improve our productivity and increase sales. Barry worked closely with me and my team to determine that Salesforce needed to be modified to better match our sales process and the way we sell. He brought in a highly-specialized Salesforce Systems Administrator who did a fantastic job changing our CRM to match what we needed and provided excellent training to allow us to improve our productivity and increase sales over the next year. We look forward to working with Barry and his team in the future.
— Nancy Ridge, VP Sales, Telecom Brokers
When we talked to RRI about setting up a formal Partner Program and selecting a CRM system, I realized that we had a real need to do this now. Everything is about efficiency for me to work smarter, have a better workflow and get more things done. One of the reasons we went ahead with the project was based on Barry’s competence and added value because of his experience in working with high-tech startups as well as with Fortune 500 companies. Barry helped me open up my mind to work with our Partners in a new way ...and that’s good.
— Jimmy Lundström, Co-Founder, RefinedWiki (Malmo, Sweden)

Barry is one of my trusted Technology Advisors. He’s very knowledgeable on the latest technology trends and has the ability to translate the complex to simplified terms that anyone can understand. I hired Barry’s company to be part of an Outsourcing Task Force that I formed at HP. We were looking to outsource a 100+-person Pre-Sales Call Center to a third party. Barry brought a valuable industry perspective to the team and was able to ask the really tough questions to the outsourcing vendors that were being evaluated. He works well in a team environment and helped to create a positive synergy for the project. His leadership helped the committee move through the evaluation process quickly and select a company to provide high-quality services and lower HP costs. Barry would be an asset to any company that is evaluating new business models or cutting edge technologies to improve business results.
— Teresa Streit, Senior Director, Global Customer Programs, VMWare

We contracted Ross & Ross to conduct a CRM Assessment to identify key areas for sales management improvement. They helped us evaluate, select and implement a new cloud-based CRM system and we tripled our sales results over a 4-year period. We couldn’t have done it without the new CRM system process and recommended best practices implemented with this advanced system.
— Rick Plushner, VP Sales, Guitar Center Professional Division
Barry has a terrific ability to spot technology trends early and understands how new products / services can be implemented in business. I first noticed his ability to anticipate how technology will change and how technology can be implemented to enhance an organization when I worked for him at Hewlett-Packard. He was - and still is - a great mentor to me. I continue to meet with Barry on a regular basis and always enjoy his insights on what is trending now and what’s on the horizon. He is up on the latest mobile and cloud technology. I highly recommend Barry if you need help with your technology in business.
— Cindy Shaw CFA, Research Analyst, Discern
Ross & Ross International conducted an Assessment of our business, focusing on Customer Success, Project Management and Marketing. Barry became our Technology Advisor on an ongoing basis. We implemented a new Marketing Automation Plan (including a new website, social marketing and monthly newsletter). The results of the Customer Success Surveys produced a list of tasks we quickly incorporated into our Support System, making it easier to attract new clients. The ROI on the investment in Ross & Ross services has been excellent. I recommend them to anyone that is ready to take advantage of their personal thorough approach for identifying and implementing changes that will increase profitability through higher and measurable customer satisfaction with current and future clients.
— Alan Rees, President, ST Solutions LLC

We were starting an in-house sales and support call center to support our IP-based telephone system. We wanted someone who could help us implement best CRM practices and integrate it with our own products. Barry completed a CRM Assessment and provided Coaching to our Inside Sales Team on Best Practices, Key Metrics and Reporting. This helped us considerably improve the process and technology which increased our productivity substantially.
— Mike Harrigan, former VP Business Development and Co-Founder, Shortel

Barry is our firm’s tech advisor. In addition to helping us improve our business work flow, he has consulted with us on the implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) software and the evaluation of companies providing information technology (IT) management services. He has a broad knowledge of the latest hardware and software technology, and is an invaluable source of practical, cost-effective business solutions. We invited Barry to speak each of the last four years at our annual Educational Seminar for 50 business owners of Northern California community association management companies. His written evaluations from the audience were amongst the top received by any speaker at all our events.
— David Levy, Partner, Levy, Erlanger & Company, CPAs

As the Managing Director of a UK retail chain, it’s important for me to stay in touch with all our store staff and customers via emails, website and texts. Learning how to better use the features and business apps on my iPhone has been a boon for better managing our business on a daily basis. Our FaceTime and Skype video chats have been really helpful in improving our website, sales and employee productivity. I’ve gained so much by bringing on a Silicon Valley based technology consultant and personal coach.
— Forrie Weston, Managing Director, Making Scents (London, UK)

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with Barry after having my iPhone for a while. Those two hours taught me more handy tips than I knew possible! Barry is patient with those of us who are not too tech savvy and makes it fun to learn how to maximize the technology - I now use my iPhone for more than just making and receiving calls!
— Caren Weinstein, Owner & Founder, Cmail
I found Barry’s one-on-one iPhone coaching extremely beneficial to me. He had coached me on how best to use and optimize the iPhone’s various features and functions, and did so with incredible patience. Moreover, he had advised me on what apps I should download and use for my business as well as personally.
— Walter Rubinstein, President & Founder, The Stein Group