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We really like these companies and hope they can be as helpful to you as they have been for us. 

Each year we spend hundreds of hours on research, reading expert reviews, attending trade shows and webinars, and watching demos and hands-on testing of the latest applications and new services. Our goal is to help our clients reduce time and effort, avoid major mistakes and improve employee productivity, lower expenses and increase revenue.  If you subscribe or take some action after clicking on any of these links, we may earn some extra coffee money which we'll drink while creating more helpful content like this :)  


2019 Small Business Technology Handbook
for Digital Transformation


Accounting, Finance, Invoicing, Project Management for SMBs


Over 10 million Small Business users, with top customer service and support.  Very easy to use and implement.  This is the best, lowest cost and easiest accounting system to start your own (non-venture capital funded) business.  Once your company grows up and you need an ongoing bookkeeper or accountant, you should then consider the other two systems below.


Designed from the bottom up as a web-based accounting system for small and mid-sized businesses. Xero is one of the hottest, fastest growing VC-funded companies in the world today with excellent support.  They continue to grow their business through a network of top accountants, CPAs and bookkeeping partners.

Quickbooks Online

One of the largest and oldest installations of accounting and finance software for SMBs.  The newer web-based service has a limited set of features when compared to the old client server software that has been around for 20+ years. The majority of their new business now comes from their cloud-based solution, not the older client server applications.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

The "customer experience" is one of the most important indicators of future success or failure in business. CRM upgrades continue to be the highest priority investment in business applications today. The latest CRM technology is critical to help your team implement your business strategies. Sales, Marketing and Service / Support are the top three functions that benefit.  Unfortunately, there are now hundreds of options today for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) ...and the best solutions for you vary based on your company's current needs and future goals.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss your situation and the best alternatives.

Domain Names for Your Business Website

You go to a Domain Registrar to search for, find and register a company website domain. You can also transfer and renew your existing website domain names as well. It's very easy to do this when you find the right company. We consolidated all our domains with Hover years ago.  We've tested and used  many other alternative companies (including GoDaddy) before finding them.   They have excellent customer service (those Canadians are just great people!) and the user interface on their website is so much easier to use than all other companies we've tested. 

Note:  Tucows Inc., Hover’s parent company, is one of the worlds most respected domain registrars. They were among the first group of thirty-four registrars in the world to be accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in 1999. With over 180 employees around the world (including offices in Toronto, Amsterdam and Starkville), Tucows has quite the unique culture. With so many different nationalities and personalities, there’s never a dull moment. 

 Click to go to Hover with any questions.


One of the fastest ways to improve your business is to upgrade your website and add a modern eCommerce function.  Click the link to see our list of the top eCommerce platforms and websites for Small and Midsized Businesses (SMBs):

Human Resource Solutions + Recruiting


Top-rated scalable recruitment software platform to help you consistently make great hires


They become your HR department and provide all the HR Solutions for Small Businesses


HR for Employees, HR pros, brokers, carriers and everyone in between – for all the tools you need and use

Motivational & Leadership Gifts
(T-Shirts, Hoodies... and more)

Click Here To Shop for fun Motivational Gifts for your Executives, Managers, Sales Team, Marketing and Employees. Motivate, Leadership, Believe, Silicon Valley, Digital Transformation, Dream, Top Dog, Inspire, Techie... t-shirts and more! 

Office Apps

Microsoft Office 365 for Business

MS Office is now in the Cloud, on a Web Browser, the Desktop and on Mobile devices. Anyone who is using an older Windows or Mac version of Office should consider investing in the new Office 365 cloud solutions this year.   Ransomware and virus attacks are continuing to dramatically increase every year on Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs). Office 365 is automatically updated on a regular basis to help protect you against these attacks and automatically fixes bugs without increasing your IT costs. If you like Microsoft, upgrade to their new cloud systems.

Google G-Suite Office Apps

Business versions of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep (notes), Hangouts and more.  Over the last few years, the suite has been dramatically improved and the new features are excellent. If you like Google, upgrade to their new cloud systems.

Outsource Cloud Computer Service

Amazon AWS Cloud Service

 Amazon is the number one cloud service for every type of business around the world. From one person startups to Fortune 50 enterprises, AWS leads the industry in outsourced cloud computing with some of the lowest prices.  FYI...  AWS, Microsoft and Google are the top world leaders in this area.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Service

Microsoft is the second largest cloud service targeted at their existing installed customer base. If you're a Microsoft shop, you should consider Azure cloud services for your company.

Google Cloud Service

Google is quickly growing their cloud service. If you love Google products, their cloud service is an excellent complement to their other solutions.

Security Alarm Systems


If you're starting your own home business or have a small office, it's hard to beat SimpliSafe for your security and safety.  They recently did a fantastic job upgrading all their system products. We recommend this  system all the time to people who are NOT techies.  They really have great customer support and service. You can get the basics for $250 and an optional $15/mo-to-month security monitoring service with no contract. Video Cloud storage is an additional cost per camera per month.

Ring (Amazon)

Originally known for its video doorbell, they now have one of the best integrated alarm systems you can buy at a reasonable cost (about $200). Ring provides an optional $10/mo-to-month security monitoring service that also includes video cloud storage. Ring integrates with Alexa. Note: The company was purchased by Amazon in 2018.

Nest (Google)

Nest has some of the highest quality video cameras and coolest security products on the market at any price. The security system is moderately priced (starting at $400+). However, the monitoring & cloud service for the alarm and cameras gets very expensive, very fast. Nest integrates with Google Assistant. Note: Google acquired Nest in 2014.

Training (Web-based Self-Paced Video Technology)

Digital Transformation Training

Introduction to Digital Transformation. Self-paced Cloud Training by Ross & Ross International

Tech Talk America

Free video training on technology. Great source of training to help develop your teams technology skills and knowledge. 

Transportation (Car Service using Mobile Technology)

Uber - Leader, worldwide and more expensive

Lyft - Number 2 and tries harder

Flywheel - Supports local taxis (in SF, LA, Seattle and in dozens of new cities each month)

Video Production 

Screenflow software for the Mac

We use screenflow to create and edit short videos for marketing and training. They are one of the leaders in the industry.  If you need formal training, you can click here for some of the top specialized training available for them.

Animated Videos

We've used Vyond and Pontoon apps to develop short animated videos, including white boarding. They're easy to learn and use... and their people are great to work with on projects or for support.

Website Hosting and Development 


Thirty percent of all websites in the world have been developed using Wordpress content management system (CMS).  That's more than any other CRM system. However, when you use Wordpress you need to add lots of plugin applications that require constant updates and maintenance.  We recommend hiring a support company to help you with a Wordpress website. You can find thousands of website developers to help you create, update and provide monthly support to help you grow your business. 

You also need to find a company to host your website if you are using Wordpress.  WPengine is one of our favorite sites to host a Wordpress website.  You can find much cheaper hosting companies. However, this company  provides a support management service to help protect your website and your company from cyber attacks and perform key Wordpress maintenance. 

Most companies use templates to build their website websites. StudioPress is one of the top companies that provide high quality Wordpress templates. They are recognized as one of the leaders in the Wordpress community and very highly regarded for their templates and support. Note: StudioPress was acquired by WPengine in 2018.


WIX is a very fast growing low-cost website development and hosting company that is easy to use and very powerful. They have good support for non-technical users that want to do-it-yourself (DIY).


Weebly is also a very fast growing low-cost website development and hosting company that is  easy to use and very powerful. They have good support for non-technical users that want to do-it-yourself (DIY).


This website was developed and is supported using Squarespace. They provide the tools to develop and host a website.  It still has some of the prettiest free website templates available for its users.   It's also very fast-growing.  You should really use a developer to help you design, publish and maintain your website.  They only have email support.  No phone calls.

2019 Small Business Technology Handbook
for Digital Transformation


We hope our suggestions will help you build and grow the technology stack for your business. These are the latest cloud and mobile solutions and not old legacy technology that will slow your success down this year.  Contact us if you have any other questions or need some help. Thanks again for visiting our site :)