Digital Transformation

 "Every industry and every organization will have to transform itself in the next few years"
- Tim O'Reilly, Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media

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What is Digital Transformation?

Watch our 90-second video to get a brief introduction into Digital Transformation. Then scroll down to see how we can help you digitally transform your organization.

We are currently undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime technology shift that is transforming every industry and every business in the world. This megatrend is called Digital Transformation. It is evolving at a pace that none of us have ever experienced. And this is just the beginning...

Digital Transformation is the process of fundamentally changing the way you think about your business today. It involves shifting your investments from older technology and business strategies to investing in new innovative business models based on the latest and emerging technologies.

This transformation is a necessity to stay competitive and you need to address these changes before your competitors do. Digital Transformation will make a big impact on growing your business, increasing customer success and beating your competition. 

Would you rather struggle with all this rapid change by yourself or move forward with the assistance of a Digital Transformation Specialist?

How we can help you

Here are five key steps on how we can help you digitally transform your organization:

  • Step 1 - Learn about Digital Transformation - Train and coach your Executives and Management team on the Digital Transformation megatrend and the direct impact on your business
  • Step 2 - Complete a quick one-time initial Digital Transformation Assessment of your organization
  • Step 3 - Set Goals and create a Plan for Digital Transformation
  • Step 4 - Implement the first projects (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data) - Add us as Digital Transformation Specialists to your existing teams to accelerate the roll-out of your programs
  • Step 5 - Continuous review and improvement of your business and fast-changing leading technology

Click to see our "Five Key Steps to Digital Transformation" Infographic

Over the last 20+ years, we have successfully helped startups, SMBs (small & midsize businesses) and enterprises around the world digitally transform and grow their businesses. One of the most challenging issues that we come across is helping people move from their current ways of doing things to new innovative and different approaches. Breaking old habits of moving to better ways of getting the job done is the secret to success in transforming a team of people.

No matter what your Digital Transformation goals are for your business this year, we can help you implement the highest priority projects. Whether it's digitally transforming: one department ( i.e. just your Sales or Customer Success), multiple departments (i.e. Sales, Marketing and Service), or your entire company (i.e. all departments, top-to-bottom).

Top Digital Transformation Benefits

A digitally transformed company can accelerate sales, reduce expenses, reduce employee turnover, improve productivity, increase customer success and out-innovate its competition.

Here are the Top Digital Transformation Benefits:

  1. Grow your business and accelerate sales
  2. Reduce your business risk - survive and thrive
  3. Beat your current and future competition
  4. Attract top talent and reduce employee turnover
  5. Increase customer success and decrease losing your best customers
  6. Reduce expenses by increasing team productivity 

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"Barry is very knowledgeable on the latest technology trends and has the ability to translate the complex to simplified terms that anyone can understand"

- Teresa Streit, Senior Director, Global Customer Programs, VMWare