CRM Transformation

Watch our 60-second video as Barry Ross, co-founder of Ross & Ross International, shares
what our company does and how we can work with you to help improve your CRM productivity and increase sales.

CRM has dramatically changed in the last few years. Now there are literally hundreds of CRM solutions from all over the world. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming with the digital transformation of selling in every company and industry.

Your sales team really needs much better technology solutions to allow them to compete and win more deals. And plain old CRM won’t cut it anymore. You need to take a hard look at what technology your sales people are using today and what they need to compete going forward to survive and exceed quotas.

Quick & Simple CRM Transformation Project

We can help you make this happen without you spending a lot of time with a quick and simple CRM Transformation project, focusing on four key areas to improve productivity: People, Process, Customers and Technology. 

Here’s how we can work with you:

  • Meet with you and key members of your team to understand your pain points and sales goals
  • Review your sales process
  • Review your technology
  • Get feedback from your customers
  • Identify new and add-on technology solutions

Here’s what you get:

  • A list of tech solutions your sales team needs to survive and thrive
  • A list of top vendors for key add-on technology
  • Budget estimates to help you with your planning
  • A simple CRM Transformation plan on how to get started

Benefits of CRM Transformation:

  • You’ll know what technology you have and which new add-on tech you and your team needs to be successful 
  • You save time and hassle having us do all the research for you and organizing it in one simple report
  • New ideas for transforming your sales team
  • Your sales team morale will go up knowing that you are looking for new ways to help them sell more and exceed their quota... not just increasing their quota. Win-win
  • Increase your CRM utilization and sales

This is a fast and painless way to find out what new add-on technology you really need now for your sales team to be successful.

Over the last 20+ years, we have successfully helped startups, SMBs (small & mid-size businesses) and enterprises around the world transform their business and accelerate sales using the last technology.

"Ross & Ross helped us evaluate, select and implement a new cloud-based CRM system and we tripled our sales results over a 4 year period"

Rick Plushner, VP Sales, Guitar Center Professional Division