Digital Transformation Task Force or Committee Advisor

Current Situation

Technology change is speeding up and all industries and businesses are being affected. New competition is showing up using the latest technology and in many cases, taking business from existing industry leaders.  The Taxi industry is a good example of how fast new competitors (Uber, Lyft and Sidecar) using the latest technology can take business from longtime  leaders in an industry.  The San Francisco Taxi industry is said to have lost 50% of their sales per month over the last few years. 

New Digital Transformation Technology Task Forces and Committees

Many companies are forming new Digital Transformation Technology Committees or Task Forces made up of staff, managers and executives to replace existing older technology and process with new leading tech and processes to be more effective. 

The teams are being asked to help evaluate needs, research new technology solutions and help implement them. These committee projects increase staff workload while team members continue to do their normal high-paced jobs. Many of the team are new to the technology or too busy with their regular job to get tasks done in a timely basis. As a result,  projects get delayed, postponed, are over-priced, under-funded and new solutions get implemented and are either never used or limited in scope.  Return on Investment (ROI) is limited or never achieved.  

How We Can Help

 You can add us to the Digital Transformation Task Force or Steering Committee to provide short-term help and advice on these special projects. As an independent outside advisor, we can often give a fresh, timely and valuable industry (and vendor) perspective to the team, in addition to:

  • Provide quick expert advice and coaching on Digital Transformation projects
  • Outside perspective on fast-moving technology trends
  • Experience in technology implementation issues
  • Add senior executive experience temporarily to a team
  • Someone on the outside to ask questions or advice
  • Contacts with resources 
  • Extra person to speed up projects 
  • Conduct independent user or customer feedback survey
  • Provide team coaching for a new or inexperienced team

Where We Can Make a Difference

Over the last 20+ years, we have successfully helped companies around the world digitally transform and grow their businesses. We've specialized in Sales Productivity, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. On a daily basis, we also keep up on the very latest emerging technology that can be leveraged in business, including Wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots, 3D Printing etc.

  • Evaluate vendors for your business
  • Implementation advice and guidance
  • Coach new managers that have never implemented the new technology
  • Independent review of users needs
  • Join a project management team as an independent voice
  • Implementation advice as it happens
  • Help find reliable project resources
  • Reduce your cost of technology on-going support
  • Review existing implementations
  • Identify sales productivity weaknesses
  • Dramatically improve technology utilization
  • Get the best price from a vendor solution before you commit
  • Executive involvement in projects


  • Increase manager productivity
  • Improve reporting
  • Increase best practices
  • Speed up the implementation time
  • Advise on contract negotiations
  • Review vendor staffing resumes
  • Lower the cost of CRM (per seat, implementation, training & support)
  • Lower the cost of sales
  • Reduce costly mistakes
  • Reduce your CRM support costs
  • Reduce purchasing extra seats that aren't used
  • Reduce bad performance reviews from poor implementation

Why Us?

Over the years we've implemented or managed organizations with over a dozen different sales productivity systems. We've learned that many of them have issues and all of them have different types of limitations. So our general philosophy is to acknowledge the limits, problems and issues... and just focus on what works, create the best workflows and processes and keep focused  each month.

How We Work

There are usually two types of situations: 

  1. High Priority or HOT Projects - We work on a weekly basis with the team to get tasks completed in a timely manner.
  2. Lower Priority or On-Going Projects - We come in every two  weeks or monthly during the project review meetings and vendor meetings to review and provide guidance.

Contact Us

Contact us to join your  Digital Transformation Task Force or Steering Committee to provide short-term help or advice on Special Projects. 


"I hired Barry's company to be part of an Outsourcing Task Force that I formed at HP. Barry brought a valuable industry perspective to the team and was able to ask the really tough questions to the outsourcing vendors that were being evaluated. He works well in a team environment and helped to create a positive synergy for the project. His leadership helped the committee move through the evaluation process quickly and select a company to provide high-quality services and lower HP costs." 

- Teresa Streit, Senior Director, Global Customer Programs, VMWare