How to Hold a Virtual Party at Your Office or Home

For those people who can't be at your Party (especially your overseas friends and family),  set up a FREE Video Web Conference using Skype — that way they can participate live during the event. Here is how we we use Skype for our parties.

First, you need two Skype accounts.   It only takes a few minutes to set up the service  if you do not have it. With Skype,  you can make FREE voice and video calls over the Internet (Click to set up a Skype Account) You also need unlimited internet connections at both locations to place the Skype Calls (most people have this service these days).

Before the party starts, we set up the webcams and laptops in the locations that you want to connect.

Make sure the Webcam is plugged into your computer, you've installed the webcam software that came with it,  and that it's switched on.

Dial each other using Skype and turn on the video. Since the calls are completely free, we just leave the video conference up during the whole party.

Then people can wander over to the camera during the party and talk with each other, make bets on the game,  and taunt the other fans that are located in each party.

Have fun and may the best team win!

More Skype Info or Order a New High Quality Video Webcam before the party