How to Cut Your Mobile Phone International Calling Expenses in 2010

Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs in 2010 - including us. We are using a NEW mobile service called "Skype to Go" that is very easy-to-use and has been saving us a lot of money each month. The service lets you make international calls from any mobile phone at dramatically reduced prices, compared to typical phone company rates. You do NOT need your PC or Mac to make these calls.

We call London (UK) on a regular basis using an Apple iPhone or a Google Android MyTouch mobile phone. Our carrier, AT&T Wireless, offered us an international discount plan that reduced our mobile phone costs from $1.25 to 99 cents per minute when calling London. That sounded good before we tested the new "Skype to Go" Service.

A few months ago, we switched to using a "Skype to Go" number which dramatically cut our costs to about 2.4 cents per minute.. a 96-cent per minute savings. We talk about 8 hours per month on international calls and now save approximately $460 per month. Wow!

The "Skype to Go" number is very easy-to-use and set up.

8 Easy Steps to Set Up the "Skype to Go" Service

  1. Go to the Skype Website
  2. Select either the Pay-as-You-Go or Monthly Payment Plans to set up your account. There are NO long-term contracts to sign.
  3. Important: Once Your Account is established, Look for the "Skype to Go" Set-up Button and Press it.
  4. Select a "Skype to Go" Number. The number is your "Skype to Go" local phone number. Write it down.
  5. Enter the Mobile Phone Number(s) you plan to use to call overseas.
  6. Enter up to 10 phone numbers that you commonly call overseas in the Auto-Dial Fields.  Note: You can also directly dial any international number from your mobile phone when you are out and about.
  7. Key in your "Skype to Go" number into your mobile phone Contact List to make life easier when you dial international calls.
  8. You will get an email confirmation for your new account and your new Skype to Go Number..

3 Easy Steps to Use "Skype to Go"

  1. Go to the "Skype to Go" Number in your mobile phone and Dial It
  2. After the recording, either Select a Pre-Set Phone Number or key in the International phone number you are calling
  3. That's it!

So... is There Anything else You Should Know?

The phone service has been wonderful, sound quality has been very good. However, we have heard from others that the Skype customer service could be improved. The good news is that there is NO contract! If you don't like Skype, and the money you are saving,  just cancel the service.

My other comment is, if you don't like new technology, and saving money is no big deal, then skip this service... but then again, you probably wouldn't be reading this article... would you?

If you want to instantly cut your monthly international calling costs, get a "Skype to Go" Number for your small business or personal use.

For More info click on this link and Search on: "Skype to Go"