How to Build a Small Business Website with a Limited Budget?

  Many Small Business owners want to build a new website or upgrade their existing website to increase their sales. Everyone is also concerned about the cost and the complexity of implementing new technology.

There are now several excellent website options for Small Businesses that never existed 5 years ago.

You do NOT need a fancy designer or programmer to have a website. You just use a free template and spend some time over a weekend. Here is a list of six of our favorite Small Business Website Services to help you get started. A FREE Google Hosted Blogging Only Service - Leading Low-Cost Hosted Website / Blog Service - A Low-Cost High-Performance Hosted Website, Blogging and eCommerce - 2nd Most Popular Blogging Service (purchased by Yahoo in 2013) - Free - Easy, Fast Small Business Website, Blog or online Store - use on 15 million websites - Top Hosting, Blogging and Website Service - A FREE version or a Low-Cost Option with extra features

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