Low-Cost Way to Share Files on the Web in a Small Business

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Question from a Manager

I was looking to store some company files (powerpoint presentations, excel workbooks, etc) in the cloud securely and inexpensively.  That way my other managers and partners can access them and upload updates.  Sort of like a Microsoft Share-point without the overhead.  Any suggestions?  ....keep reading for the answer!


One of our favorite Small and Midsize Business (SMB) File Sharing, Storing & Backup Solutions is Dropbox.com.  They have a single user and a team version of their product.  "Dropbox.com for Teams" is ideal for a Small and Midsize Businesses.  The service is secure, very easy to setup and use.  You download a small app to your Windows, Mac, Linux,  iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Smartphone or Tablet and you're ready to start sharing files. You can share a folder or a file with your team members.

Dropbox.com works in 175+ countries and is available in English, French, Japanese, German and Spanish.

Dropbox for Teams is affordable, and at a discount compared to buying personal Dropbox accounts individually.  Starting at just $67/mo (or $12 per user), Dropbox for Teams includes 5-user licenses and 350GB of shared storage. Additional user licenses are available for $11/mo with additional storage priced at $200 for 100GB/year"

List of Top 9 File Sharing and Storing Files on the Web

Here is a list of  the top solutions for sharing & storing files on the web for a Small Business:

  1. Dropbox - Our favorite easy-to-use way of  sharing & Storing  files these days. 2GB free/user. Also a team version (see above).
  2. Box - Leading product you can use to share files
  3. Google Drive - File Sharing and Storage and Office Apps with 8GB per person free or 25GB per person for $50 /yr/per person
  4. Microsoft OneDrive - Great if you prefer Microsoft Solutions $6-$27 per user /month
  5. Salesforce.com - Salesforce allows you to store files on your system 1GB maximum.  You can buy more space as needed.
  6. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) - More complex to implement & use.  You will need IT Help. Check for prices
  7. Google+  - Business Version Launched in 2011 - very good for photo sharing and storage
  8. Apple iCloud - If you prefer Apple Solutions, iCloud may be a good solution - 5GB of Free Storage with Apple IOS - Launched in Fall 2011
  9. Dollydrive - Apple only Specialized Service with versioned online backup, versioned local backup, file syncing across multiple computers & devices (Dolly Sync), virtual storage that saves hard drive space (Dolly Space), and a bootable clone for immediate recovery in mere minutes


Please share any other suggestions, experiences or tips for low-cost sharing, storing and backing up files in a Small Business.  Thanks!