Favorite Resources

Connect to other websites that use the latest technology. We really like these companies and hope they can be helpful to you. 

Training (Web-based Self-Paced Video Technology)

Tech Talk America - Free video training on technology 

Transportation (Car Service using Mobile Technology)

Uber - Leader, worldwide and more expensive

Lyft - Number 2 and tries harder

Flywheel - Supports local taxis (SF, LA and Seattle only)

Motivational & Leadership Gifts
(T-Shirts, Hoodies... and more)

Click Here To Shop for fun Motivational Gifts for your Executives, Managers, Sales Team, Marketing and Employees. Motivate, Leadership, Believe, Silicon Valley, Dream, Top Dog, Inspire, Techie...t-shirts and more!

Video Production

Screenflow software for the Mac

Screenflow software from Telestream 

Screenflow Training

Screen flow - Complete Training Videos 


Office Apps

Microsoft Office 365 for Business
MS Office in the Cloud, Web Browser, Desktop and Mobile

Google G-Suite Office Apps
Business versions of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep (notes), Hangouts and more

Domain Names for Your Business Website

We switched from GoDaddy and many other alternatives to Hover years ago.   Their customer service is excellent (those Canadians are just great people!) and their user interface is so much easier to use. Click to go to Hover with any questions.