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Sales CRM Assessments

Build a world-class sales team by taking your CRM Technology to the next level. Our CRM Assessments provide you with a way to do that.

Many Sales Teams are not using CRM Systems to their full potential. We can help.

Our Assessment includes four areas of your organization: People, Process, Customers and Technology. Our CRM Services provide an initial review of existing operations, metrics, reporting, business processes and meeting with the Sales and Executive Teams. Next, we identify potential productivity tips, add-on technology and prioritize them based on the Sales Teams’ needs. Following an Assessment, you’ll receive a list of tangible improvements that we can help you implement quickly to significantly improve your sales productivity in less than 12 months.

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Evernote Productivity Consulting

Evernote is one of the Top 10 Apps that we use every day in our business for note-taking and keeping track of everything – it’s a fast and easy way to collect information from anywhere on any device and save it into one place. All your folders and notes can be syncronized across all your devices – laptop, desktop, tablet, Wearable (watch) and smartphone.

It’s easy to search and find your text notes, web clips, voice clips, files and images. You can also snap a photo, record audio – and save entire web pages using Evernote’s web clipper. Share your notes with friends or work together on projects with your team. Evernote makes it easy to be better organized and more productive.

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Sales Success Surveys

The best way to learn how to improve your sales process is to ask your most recent customers. Your best customers like to help and they are more forthcoming talking to an independent company. We conduct phone, web and email surveys with your most recent customers, lost customers and past customers to get invaluable feedback on how you can improve your sales process. If you’re not doing this now, you’re missing a big opportunity to increase your sales this year!

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Technology Advisor and Coaching

Do you need some short-term help or advice on Tech Projects?  As your Technology Advisors, we can discuss strategy, technology, projects and industry trends that may affect your business and sales growth.  We can also help you find the resources to speed up a project completion.

If you are forming a CRM Task Force to improve your CRM Systems and bring them to the next level, we can help speed up the process, reduce mistakes and lower your Total Cost of Ownership. Over 50+ percent of new CRM implementations completely fail (according to industry statistics) or fail to increase sales… and in many cases reduce sales productivity, not increase it. By having an outside Advisor on the team, you get an independent specialist perspective on the issues and solutions.

We also offer Private Coaching on the latest cloud, mobile and wearable technology that can help grow your business and make your team more productive.

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