What types of business services do you provide?

  • Technology Advisors for Business - We specialize in helping established companies and startups improve their sales productivity and increase sales using the latest technology, including the latest cloud, mobile, wearables and internet of things (IOT)
  • Personal CoachingWe offer personal coaching and mentoring for executives, managers and professionals. Our focus is on helping you improve your sales performance, productivity, use of technology, customer relationships, customer success, career planning, people management and communications
  • CRM Assessments - Build a World-Class Sales Team by Taking Your CRM Technology to the Next Level
  • Evernote Business  - Increase Sales Productivity (Evernote Business Certified Consultant - EBCC)
  • Customer Success Surveys - As an independent company, we can get invaluable feedback on how you can improve your sales process
  • Partner Programs - Build a Partner Program for your company or startup and increase your sales
  • Guest Speaker - Expert speaker at your webinars, conferences and special events

What's the difference between our Tech Advisors for Business and our Personal Coaching services?

  • Our Tech Advisors for Business focuses on increasing your business sales and improving sales productivity using the latest technology
  • Our Personal Coaching focuses on helping individuals improve their personal success and achieve their goals

How do we work with you?

  • We usually work on a project basis - or we can work on an hourly, daily or monthly retainer
  • Companies retain us to help accomplish key productivity projects that need to be implemented in a limited amount of time
  • Our consultants typically work from 4 to 32 hours per week on client assignments
  • Our job is to get projects completed ASAP
  • We provide an independent perspective, strategy, planning, project management, technology, industry knowledge, coaching, training, outsourcing and leadership resources to the organization

Why use us?

  • We're experienced in building World-Class Sales Technology Systems
  • We live and breathe the latest technology every day and bring that understanding and knowledge to our customers
  • We can help review and evaluate the overwhelming number of CRM solutions that could improve your productivity
  • We help make complex technology easy to understand
  • 20 years of implementing and managing 12 different CRM Systems
  • We help you understand the latest technology trends
  • We think strategically but act tactically when working with our customers
  • We have experienced Executives who work on your projects
  • Cloud, Mobile and Wearable solution focused
  • We play Win-Win
  • We offer an independent perspective on technology recommendations and find the best solutions for your company

How do you work with Strategic Partners?

  • Our management team works with results-oriented vendors that provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions
  • We're happy to work with a customer's existing vendors or we can bring in one of our strategic partners to accomplish a project
  • The vendors can subcontract to our Firm or work directly for you

Do you receive any commissions from Vendors or other Partners?

  • Over the last five years, almost every vendor in the high-tech industry has some sort of small partner referral or commission fees built into their product pricing.... we participate in most programs. It represents a very small percent of our business income (less than 5%)
  • Customers do NOT pay a higher fee as a result of this pricing structure

Which Industries do you have experience?

  • High-Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Property Management / Real Estate
  • Green / Alternative Energy
  • Music / Entertainment
  • Government - USA and Foreign
  • Healthcare / Biotechnology
  • Startups

How do you charge for services?

  • We have a minimum retainer that we apply to one or more projects
  • We are also open to discussing a combination of a fee plus stock incentives or bonuses
  • Our High-Tech Advisory and Coaching sessions are offered on a daily, weekly or monthly rate