What types of business services do you provide to Small & Midsize Businesses?

  • Management Coach on New Technology, such as Social Networking
  • Customer Acquisition – Specialists in Web-based Leads and Sales Programs
  • Customer Retention – Grow Existing Customer Sales & Satisfaction Programs
  • CRM Infrastructure – Strategies, Planning, Vendor Selection and Implementation
  • Inside Sales – Build, Audit, Metrics, Reporting, Outsourcing or Improve Sales Programs

How do we work with you?

  • We are usually retained as part-time help to accomplish key productivity projects that need to be implemented in a limited amount of time
  • Our consultants typically work from 4 to 32 hours per week on client assignments
  • Our job is to get projects completed ASAP
  • We provide strategy, planning, project management, technology, industry knowledge, coaching, training, outsourcing and leadership resources to the organization

What makes your services different from your competition?

  • Success in building world-class sales, marketing and customer service infrastructure for fast growing high-tech companies
  • We focus on improving sales productivity…. this results in making better use of existing resources. Your cost-of-sales goes down.
  • Experience in selling and lead generation of complex products over the phone, Internet, and integrating with an outside sales force and channels
  • Technology Vision with Practical Evaluations for Productivity this Year
  • Quality People
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Business-to-Business Selling Experience
  • People Development
  • Win-Win Relationships

How do you work with Strategic Partners?

  • Our management works with results-oriented vendors that provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions
  • We are happy to work with a client’s existing vendors or we can bring in one of our strategic partners to accomplish a project
  • The vendors can subcontract to our Firm or work directly for our clients

Do you receive any commissions from vendors or other partners?

  • Over the last five years, almost all vendors in the high-tech industry have some sort of small partner referral or commission fees built into their product pricing.
  • Customers do NOT pay a higher fee as a result of this pricing structure.

Do you specialize in any particular industry?

  • High-Technology
  • Retail
  • Property Management / Real Estate
  • Green / Alternative Energy
  • Healthcare / Biotechnology

How do you charge for services?

  • We have an minimum retainer that may be applied to one or more projects
  • We are also open to discussing a combination of a retainer plus stock incentives or bonuses