Ross & Ross International

Our Services:

  • CRM Productivity
  • Technology Assessments
  • Coaching & Training
  • SmartPhone / Tablet Apps
  • Cloud Productivity Tools
  • How To Sell to SMBs


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The Future of Small & Midsize Business Technology... Today

We work with Startups, Small (up to 500 employees) or Midsize Businesses (up to 5,000 employees) SMBs to Improve Sales CRM, Marketing Automation and Customer Service using the latest Cloud and Mobile Technology.

Every week, we weed through the overwhelming non-stop barrage of new technology (we eat and breathe this stuff!) searching for the best SMB solutions.

We can help you assess your specific needs, evaluate technology solutions and make recommendations that will help streamline and grow your business.

Once we help you prioritize your list of technology projects, we offer you three options to work with us::

  1. Do It Yourself (DIY) if you have the resources and expertise
  2. Technology Advisors which include Coaching over the the phone, internet or on-site
  3. Outsourcing Projects to Us or to our Partner Specialists


Call 650-866-5517... or drop us a note on our Contact Us page to get started.