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Is Your CRM getting in the way of Selling?

In Sales, Time is Money...

We are High Tech Advisors and Coaches for Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Teams.
After an initial complimentary consultation, we schedule a CRM Technology Assessment which includes three areas of your organization: People, Process and Technology. We quickly assess your specific situation, review goals, evaluate options, make recommendations and help streamline your business.
We spend time with your people to determine how they are using their technology, determine which training is necessary and provide coaching to achieve your organization's goals.
We review your business processes, compare them with your current technology and identify opportunities to increase your team's productivity.
Every week, we weed through the overwhelming non-stop barrage of new technology (we eat and breathe this stuff!) searching for the best solutions. We compare your current technology against the "best in class" options today and identify any changes or upgrades required to be successful.
Following a Sales CRM Assessment, your Management Team comes away with fresh ideas and new information to make better resource decisions and help increase sales in the next quarter. 
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