2019 Small Business Technology Handbook for Digital Transformation

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2019 Small Business Technology Handbook for Digital Transformation

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Sale 50% off!  Small Business Technology Handbook.  This eBook is jam-packed with over 100 of the latest technology apps that you need to successfully digitally transform and grow your small business this year. 

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"46.5% of Executives now believe that Digital Transformation
will be
essential to their survival in the next 3-5 years"
- Worldwide SMB Executive Survey: IDC 2017

Save Yourself and Your Team Hundreds of Hours of Research

Why You Should Buy This eBook Today!

Our handbook will save you and your team hundreds of hours of research time identifying, testing, reading reviews, watching demos and creating a top 3 list of apps for almost every department in your company.

According to the leading experts, every industry and every organization will have to digitally transform itself in the next few years to survive and thrive. They project that 40% of businesses today will not be here in 10 years if companies do not successfully transform their business. Now is a good time to assess what tech changes you need to make to adapt and digitally transform your workplace to grow your business.

Who Should Buy This Handbook:

Small Business Owners, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers and Staff who want to improve productivity, lower costs and increase sales in their organization.

Anyone even thinking of starting their own business. Learn the right and lowest cost technology to get you started. Don't make a mistake and buy the wrong technology in today's fast changing business world.

What’s Included:

This eBook includes over 100 top tech solutions to help you transform and grow your business. These solutions are listed in the following chapters (for each of the major Small Business departments or functions):

Chapter  1.   Executive Summary
Chapter  2.  Sales
Chapter  3.  Marketing
Chapter  4.  Customer Success, Customer Service & Support
Chapter  5.  Office Software & Productivity
Chapter  6.  Information Technology (IT) & Phone Systems
Chapter  7.  Cyber Security
Chapter  8.  Finance/Accounting
Chapter  9.  Human Resources (HR)
Chapter 10.  eCommerce & Retail
Chapter 11.  Systems for Small Businesses
Chapter 12.  Small Business New Technology Checklist

Why This Handbook is an Invaluable Resource:

It’s a full-time job trying to keep up with all the latest technology that Small Businesses now have available to them. Most small businesses don’t have the extra staff time or latest experience, and many do not have the budget to hire consultants to do the research for them. Our Small Business Technology Handbook provides a wealth of invaluable information to help you to find, evaluate and select the best technology solutions for your organization. 

Most small business owners and executives do not have lots of extra time to read and hunt through the typical 200 or 500 page books on technology. We removed all the extra stuff many authors add to a book to make it look better …..and got the ebook down to under 40 pages of practical technology information and vendor recommendations that you can use right away.

Prior to us publishing this digital Handbook, if you wanted any consultant to recommend the top 2 or 4 technology applications for each of your departments (designed and priced for Small Businesses), it would likely be a 4-8 hours of  meetings that would cost you somewhere between $500 - $2,000. This Handbook gives you over 100 tech solutions for under $50. 

Reduce Mistakes of Selecting the Wrong or Outdated Software Applications


Do It Yourself (DIY)

If you don’t want to buy our Handbook, the other option is that your staff or you can do all the research on finding the appropriate 100+ small business applications. Remember, it usually takes a minimum of 2-4 hours to research for each new app (This includes: searching the internet, watching videos, calling vendors, attending webinars, watching demos, and reading product descriptions, reviews and recommendations, so you’d be looking at hundreds of hours to research all these apps. Keep this in mind:

  • Don't make the mistake of buying old outdated technology for your Small Business. This handbook contains a list and brief description of the "latest" technology (100+ apps) - no need for you to spend hours weeding through dozens of technology solutions trying to figure out which ones are old and outdated, which ones are new, and which ones are designed and priced for Small Business

  • We’ve done all the initial research to help you get started and put everything into one downloadable handbook

  • Find over 100 of the latest practical technology solutions available today

  • Use our eBook to save time and money when you upgrade or replace your current technology with the newest solutions

  • Discover top tech vendors and their websites for the major Small Business departments (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT, Finance, HR, etc).

  • This eBook shortcuts the process of discussing with your managers or your team what your options are for each area of your business

  • With an eBook, you can click on any link and go directly to that company’s website, saving you time and hassle

We've saved you a ton of time by doing all the research for you and putting all the latest technology vendors into this ultimate eBook

The Small Business Technology Handbook is a compilation of the top technology solutions and vendors for the modern Small Business. We’ve spent thousands of consulting hours over the last few years meeting with business technology users and vendors, participating in demos, attending trade shows, conferences, seminars and webinars, and evaluating research materials, industry reviews by analysts and user reviews. We’ve implemented and tested hundreds of solutions ourselves to determine our own perspective on the technology.

In other words… we’ve saved you a ton of time by doing all the research for you and putting all the latest technology vendors into this ultimate eBook — the Small Business Technology Handbook.

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Money Back Guarantee - We offer a 10-day money back guarantee - we just ask for your feedback in return for our guarantee... so we can continue to improve the handbook.


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