What types of business services do you provide?

  • Training & Coaching - We train and coach your Executives and Management teams on Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation Operational Reviews - We provide a custom Digital Transformation Operational Review of your business and give you an outside perspective. The reviews are a fast, easy and low-cost way to evaluate your current technology situation and give you a simple plan for moving forward at your own pace. 
  • Digital Transformation Specialists - Add us as Digital Transformation Specialists to your existing teams to accelerate the roll-out of your programs. We look at what tech you have now and what changes you need to make going forward to adapt and digitally transform your workplace to survive and thrive. 
  • SMB Online Training Course:  "How to Grow Your Small and Midsize Business using Digital Transformation"
  • Small Business Technology Handbook - Over 100+ of the latest applications for most Small Business departments

What are some of your past projects?

  • Salesforce - We can help you fix Salesforce or other CRMs, increase your CRM utilization and assist you in building a world-class sales team by taking your CRM technology to the next level.
  • Other CRMs vs Salesforce - We can assist you in evaluating other CRM systems vs Salesforce, offer implementation advice and guidance, and provide an independent review of your CRM use to help your people improve sales productivity.
  • CRM Transformation - Increase your sales and CRM utilization. Our CRM Transformation projects will help improve your sales productivity by finding new ways to improve using your existing technology and identifying new add-on CRM technology that works. 
  • Digital Transformation - Digitally transform your workplace and grow your business.
  • Digital Transformation Task Force/Committee Advisor - As an independent outside advisor, we can often give a fresh, timely and valuable industry (and vendor) perspective to the team. We can help you evaluate vendors for your business, offer implementation advice and guidance, dramatically improve technology utilization and productivity - and provide quick expert advice and coaching on Digital Transformation projects.
  • Leadership Development & Personal Coaching - We offer leadership development, personal coaching and mentoring for executives, managers and professionals. Our focus is on helping you improve your sales performance, productivity, use of technology, leadership development, customer relationships, customer success, career planning, people management and communications.
  • Inside Sales - Quickly get your inside sales team running at top performance. We will help you set up a new Inside Sales program or work with your existing team to improve productivity and accelerate overall sales.
  • Productivity Consulting - Evernote Business  - Increase Sales Productivity (Evernote Business Certified Consultant - EBCC).
  • Customer Success Surveys - As an independent company, we can get invaluable feedback on how you can improve your sales process.
  • Guest Speaker - Expert speaker at your webinars, conferences and special events.
  • Build Partner Programs - Accelerate your sales by significantly upgrading your Partner Program. We can help you save time and resources by developing, building and implementing a fully automated Partner Program within a few weeks.
  • Silicon Valley Strategic Partner - If you don't have a Silicon Valley presence, put us on retainer as your Strategic Partner to represent your company and help promote your products and/or services in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

How do we work with you?

  • We usually work on a project basis - or we can work on an hourly, daily or monthly retainer
  • Companies retain us to help accomplish key productivity projects that need to be implemented in a limited amount of time
  • Our consultants typically work from 4 to 32 hours per week on client assignments
  • Our job is to get projects completed ASAP
  • We provide an independent perspective, strategy, planning, project management, technology, industry knowledge, coaching, training, outsourcing and leadership resources to the organization

Why use us?

  • We're experienced in building world-class sales technology systems
  • Live and breathe the latest technology every day and bring that understanding and knowledge to our customers
  • We can help review and evaluate the overwhelming number of CRM solutions that could improve your productivity
  • Help make complex technology easy to understand
  • 20 years of implementing and managing 12 different CRM Systems
  • Help you understand the latest technology trends
  • Think strategically but act tactically when working with our customers
  • Experienced executives who work on your projects
  • We think outside the box
  • We play win-win
  • Offer an independent perspective on technology recommendations and find the best solutions for your company

How do you work with Strategic Partners?

  • Our management team works with results-oriented vendors that provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions
  • We're happy to work with a customer's existing vendors or we can bring in one of our strategic partners to accomplish a project
  • The vendors can subcontract to our Firm or work directly for you

Do you receive any payments or commissions from Vendors or other Partners?

  • Over the last five to ten years, almost every vendor in the high-tech industry has some sort of small partner referral, affiliate or commission fees built into their product pricing.... we participate in many of the programs. It represents a very small percent of our business income (less than 5%) 
  • Customers do NOT pay a higher fee as a result of this pricing structure
  • All proceeds from these payments are donated to nonprofit and charities we support

Which Industries do you have experience?

  • Technology
  • Healthcare / BioTechnology
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Property Management / Real Estate
  • Green / Alternative Energy
  • Music / Entertainment
  • Government - USA and Foreign
  • Startups

How do you charge for services?

  • Our Digital Transformation Training and Coaching sessions are offered on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate
  • A minimum retainer can be set up and applied to one or more projects
  • We are also open to discussing a combination of a fee plus stock incentives or bonuses

What does your logo represent?

  • Our logo represents "thinking outside the box"