Don’t Let Your Mobile Professionals Use Free WiFi at Starbucks

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Businessman in a Cafe having Coffee using a Smartphone and Tablet  with VPN - photos by adamr with As a Small Business owner, you have to be crazy to let your mobile professionals use the Starbucks Free WiFi without using a low-cost VPN App on their Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.

I’m not trying to pick on Starbucks (although it helped get your attention didn’t it?).  This issue exists with most FREE WiFi services, including Airports, Restaurants, Cafes, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Hotels, etc.  It’s a bigger concern when you travel overseas.

If you are wondering… A virtual private network (VPN) enables a Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet to send and receive encrypted data across open public networks like WiFi. In many small businesses, VPN is more secure than their own private company WiFi network.   Wikipedia has a more technical description of a VPN Network


Cloud Backup Best Practices, Services & Top Tips

Monday, September 27th, 2010
Small Business Working on a laptop and Smartphone - Credit:

Cloud based Remote Backup Services for a Small Business or Home Office

Over the last five years,  we moved more and more of our important information from paper storage to our PCs, Smartphones and to Cloud Applications.   When we completed Spring Cleaning this year, we actually eliminated “two 4-draw File Cabinets” with folders  instead of typically adding more of them.