How to Find and Hire Top People Faster for Your Business?

Friday, December 27th, 2013

The other day I was browsing the Zendesk website to learn more about their Customer Service / Help Desk solution for one of our clients.  As part of my review, I always look at the jobs postings (to see how fast a company is growing) and also scan the company Youtube videos.

I came across their recruiting video called “This is Zendesk.”  I didn’t plan on watching the whole thing.  However, the more I watched, the more I liked it. The video sucked me in, bit by bit.  After watching, I called over my business partner to watch it and give me her opinion.

We both thought it was great and walked away being very  impressed with the company and the people. If I was looking for a job, I would have wanted to work there… all from a simple video.

The job market for top people is getting more and more competitive. There are so many bad companies to work for out there.

After watching this video, you too may want to work at Zendesk. …. or you can produce one of these videos for your own company today.

The Zendesk Company Video used for Recruiting New Employees

So, one of the Secrets to finding and hiring Top People is … Produce a great low-budget recruiting video about working at your company.

Please comment with any other great company videos that would get a new employee excited to work for your company.




Improve Your Productivity with Web-based Training

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

There is no better time than now to improve your skills and make yourself more valuable to your company.   We believe that training is the number one way to improve productivity, self-confidence and motivation in a company.

The better you know software, the more productive you can be.  Plus…if you are looking for a new job, it always helps to add this to your resume.

In January, we signed up for one year with Lynda Training Service to improve our productivity and to learn new software that we had just upgraded. We have lots of new software that we added and wanted to learn without the added expense and time of traveling to classes.

We’re amazed how wonderful the training classes have been to watch and use to improve our skill sets. The instructors have been excellent. They know their stuff and do a great job in making the subjects interesting.

The programs are broken down into short videos for each feature.   As a result, you can stop and replay a section…if you space out for a moment.  Tip: We watch one short video feature at the beginning of the day, during lunch or at the end-of-day… or when we have a little extra time to spare.  Because the Training is Web-based, you can also take unlimited classes when traveling, from home at night or over a weekend.

Here are a few reasons we all like Lynda Training:

  • Learn at your own pace 24/7
  • Access to 846 Training Courses for one low price
  • New training added weekly
  • Closed-captioning on many courses
  • Convenient video-web-based training
  • Instructors who are experts in their fields
  • No long-term commitment
  • Programs available for schools, home, travel and businesses
  • A smart way to stay up-to-date
  • iPhone and iPad Mobile Applications
  • Start learning the moment you sign up!

Access over 53,000 Online Video Tutorials instantly, including:

Facebook Essentials
Twitter Essentials
Microsoft Office (2010, 2007 & 2003)
Apple Apps

Digital Photography
Web Design
Web Development
Audio / Podcasts

Motion Graphics
Creative Inspirations

3D Graphics
Final Cut Pro
Game Development

Plus Lots More….

Click on the banner below to give  the Lynda Training Program a try for 24 hours. It’s FREE today.

468x60 24 hour free pass

Please comment if you have found other companies that provide excellent web-based lower-cost self-paced training for our readers.  Thanks.