Low-Cost Way to Share Files on the Web in a Small Business

Monday, August 1st, 2011

photo credit: freedigitalimages.net by nokhoog buchachon

Question from a Manager

I was looking to store some company files (powerpoint presentations, excel workbooks, etc) in the cloud securely and inexpensively.  That way my other managers and partners can access them and upload updates.  Sort of like a Microsoft Share-point without the overhead.  Any suggestions?  ….keep reading for the answer!


Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Google 411 Service is FREE – Watch the Fun Video Introducing the Service

Dial 1-800-goog-411  (800-4664-411)   Go to the website for more information: google.com/goog411

Give it a try now and see how simple it is to find and connect with local businesses for free.  Tip: We add the Goog411 number in our mobile address book and marked it as a favorite.

Don’t Pay the Phone Companies for a FREE Service.